Fair Launch, No Premine, No ICO, No VC

Lyncoin is an open-source P2P currency and a payment network based on blockchain.

with an auxiliary Proof-of-Work chain type and using the sha256 hash algorithm

Only 10% developer fee on mined blocks since block height 48950 (1st June 2023)

The developer fee helps with the development, providing liquidity, server costs, blockchain analysis, and future listings



There is not central bank, all transactions are stored in the blockchain and is stored on the network.



Lyncoin is a PoW blockchain makes anyone to be able to mine and earn money, start mining today.

Auxiliary Proof-of-Work

Auxiliary Proof-of-Work

Auxiliary Proof-of-Work allow anyone to mine multi coins with the same hash power.

Roadmap (Milestones)

  • Development of the project started

  • The core wallet released and the chain started working

  • Listed on XeggeX (Exchange)

  • Listed on Coinpaprika (Tracker)

  • Released the 2nd revision of the whitepaper

  • Listed on CoinGecko (Tracker)

  • Listing on MEXC (Exchange)

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  • Developing Token System (Layer 2)

  • Developing dedicated CEX